Alden Park Website.

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Alden Park.

Alden Park is a residential campus in the Wissahickon neighborhood just outside of Philadelphia. 

The property needed to be positioned as a classic residence updated for the modern age - a place that is not too trendy or overly extravagant, but one that stands the test of time. The rebrand and site design nod to the nuances of Alden Park's history and show the charming, comfortable and peaceful impressions that Alden Park's grounds evoke.  

The primary goal of the Alden Park site was to lease up any remaining apartments as soon as possible and sell the lifestyle that comes from living in Wissahickon and on the Alden Park grounds. 

Creative Director: Dylan Garner  Lead Designer: Lauren Hayes  Lead Copywriter: Abby Riviello  Lead Developer: Mike Medoro