Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour

I’m guilty of looking at other designers and art directors and thinking that they’ve got this whole Perfect Designer thing down. They’re Perfect Designers and they make Perfect Things and if I work long enough I can join this elite club of awesome. The mentality even stretches to the point where I don’t want people to look at my work outside of a handful of projects. Hey, if I think it’s a failure then obviously no one else would enjoy it or learn from it; it’s gotta be perfect.

It’s really embarrassing to type out, because when you see the mentality in plain English you see how ridiculous it is. Its not just a design thing, it’s a music thing, a dance thing, an idea thing, a trying to write a blog post thing…the list is endless, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

I usually don’t pay attention to quotes, but the one above by Charlie Chaplin is just so on point. Obviously work hard to be better, but no more being embarrassed if something isn’t perfect. Post that random shot on dribbble and ask that question on stack overflow.

We’re all just amateurs.