Lauren Hayes
Lauren Hayes

I'm Lauren Hayes, a graphic designer and lover of great design solutions both on and off the computer.

I am a Virginia Commonwealth University graduate currently living and designing in Philadelphia. I have a huge heart for developing brand identities and in the past have enjoyed working for clients such as Sweetly Inked and Brita. When I'm not designing, you can probably find me playing Legend of Zelda, reading something by Haruki Murakami or trying to teach myself to cook via Iron Chef America and Chopped.

Want to say hello? Drop me a line I’d love to hear from you!



Glenn Jodun // Photographer
Eleanor Doughty // Installation Designer
Sagal Hassan // Designer
Ying Cheng // Designer
Molly Mcmanus // Designer
Kristen Scharf // Copywriter
Chris Duncan // Copywriter
Erin McKnight // Designer
Taylor Goad  // Designer